A journey into guitar making inspired by the Burns Tri Sonic pickup...............................

Way back in 1990, I bought my first 'fixer upper' guitar for £75: a 1962 Burns Vibra Artiste with wonderful Trisonic pickups.  OK, I wanted to be Brian May.......just without the hair.   I was privileged and blessed to take my beat up Burns to Jack Golder who brought the guitar back to life.  A few months later and I had managed to accumulate a few Burns which needed a lot of work.  Unfortunately Jack passed away so this became my kick start to learn the art of lutherie.

Since then I have renovated and built hundreds of guitars for the professional musician, guitar collectors and amateur musician.  I specialise in taking worthless pieces of junk and making something cool that's useable and unique.

I believe guitars are meant to be played, not hung on a shelf.  Usually my guitars will be advertised on eBay, just search the user name 'carfaxguitars'.  All of my guitars are demonstrated on YouTube too, again search 'carfaxguitars'.

Please feel free to get in touch for advice or just general guitar chit chat, be glad to hear from you.